Sunday, August 29, 2010

Squishy Turns One!

Posted by Lisa at 12:23 PM
It's really hard to believe that on last Friday, August 27, 2010, Leah and Jason's little miracle baby "Bristol" turned one.  We all know that the "1st Birthday" is all about the parents and grandparents celebrating that they survived the first year...the sleepless nights, earaches, leaving them at daycare for the first time, the many missed days of work due to illness and the list could go on and on.  It definitely is a milestone and we all cherish it.

Three months ago, Leah asked me to help her with the celebration of Bristol's big day.  After deciding on the theme I went to work on a little inspiration.

Leah fell in love and wanted it all...LOL.  As you can see it wasn't the tradional Red and Black Ladybug, but more of a girly girl Ladybug of hot pinks and lime greens.  Now how much fun is that???  Talk about putting a smile on the face..... Who wouldn't love it?

So first things first - we had to find the perfect outfit for "Little Squishy" (as her mom calls her).   Esty Shops here we come.  We found it!!!  Pink and Green Ladybug Tutu - Perfect!  The invitations another Esty find (SLW Designs). 

                                                                    Just adorable!

So to celebrate the day a Sweets Table was designed.  Cupcakes, marshmellow pops, strawberry malt balls, strawberry lemonaide, green apples, pink marshmellows, green apple rings and her very own smash cake. 

Bristol may never remember anything about that day but with all that camera snapping she will have pictures to look back on and know that Mom and Dad were very proud.  Thank you Leah and Jason for letting me be a part of your little girl's Big Day!  Raegan, thank you for being such a "Good Helper".  I truly enjoyed it and May God Bless you both.

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