Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beach Please!!!

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It's really hard to believe that a little over a year ago I started this blog and in one of my blogs I posted a cake that I did for a very good friend of mine, Michelle...  Well a year has past and my dear friend has turned 40 this year (July, I'm a little late at posting).  Wow!!! that's so hard to believe.  At least it is for me.

When Michelle's husband, Sebastian asked me to help put the girly touch on Michelle's 40th Birthday Party I was so excited, because if there is ever someone who deserves it, that would be Michelle.

Now you must keep in mind, it's been 40 some days with over 100 degree weather here in Texas and no one wants to be outside.  Michelle has had a lot go on this year in her life and all she wanted was just a peaceful day at the beach...LOL 

So the peaceful day at the beach turned in to a Laua at the House....  Happy Birthday My Friend

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Princess for the Day, but really a Princess Every Day!

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Back in September, my little Hanna, turned four years old.  Hanna had originally said she wanted to have a pool party for her birthday.  With it being in September, the pool was a little cold, so we decided we would throw her a party and have it out by the pool.  And then the rain fell......

No way were we going to let it rain on her day, so Plan B went into action.  Everything was moved inside.

The table centerpiece, was a horse and carriage, thanks to a wonderful friend.  Each of the place settings were set with a tiara or crown, a princess wand or sword, a ring and a glass slipper.

We also set up a craft table for everyone to enjoy....

Look Mommy (background) and Aunt Ashley enjoying all the crafts...

And a Castle cake for the Princess... 

Hanna I hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as your Nana enjoyed putting it all together for you.  You are my Princess and will always be my Princess.  I love you Hanna!!!!!

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